Aluminum garden

The garden is a project that is based on nature. It relies on aluminium; a thin surface material shaped by the forces around it, far from static it takes on the feeling of its surroundings, the wind, the light and the hands that touch it. It is also nearly invisible and quite fragile but it is a garden, changing and moving.

The garden is made from many plants each made by a person, each given some kind of beauty by a singular vision. All together it forms a mass, each difference present with the overall similarity mixed into one continuous landscape.

The material has a diffuse reflection given by the wrinkles that come from the many hands that produce it. It combines the image of shining simplicity with something glistening. It is a reclaiming of industry back to nature. It starts in a huge factory and ends in something precious yet transitive.

This garden can be anywhere but we imagine that it feels relevant in a place where such a garden would not naturally grow. Though it can be defined as an artwork it is conceived of as an actual garden that one walks through and rests in. It is quite and natural place, to be enjoyed as such. Nothing other than the desire to have and use the garden is required.

In collaboration with: Toshihiko Mitsuya.