Outdoor Marble Kitchen Set

The kitchen is a set of objects, each one is a a character. It is ‘Equipment’ that creates possibilities for people around them and in dialogue with them. Single elements have a specific functions that our bodies relate to. All together kitchen and people make a family.

We build a city of kitchen characters: a barbecue, a smoker, a sink, a street light, tables and seats etc. made out of a durable and noble material.  

By spreading the program in pieces, the function itself is not related to a specific space but its specific use, and consequently to the user. The activities of preparing, cooking, eating and cleaning are organised around different objects placed in an open and flexible circle.

In collaboration with NIKOLAUS BAGNARA S.P.A., using their marbles:
Barbecue: Atlantic Stone
Light: Alps Glitter
Table and stools: Pannonia Grün
Shelf: Bianco Lasa Covelano Fantastico
Sink: Bianco Lasa Covelano Venato
High table and stools: Silver cloud
Trash: Mystic Grey Waterjet