Corporate Headquarters

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We redesigned the first two floors for a corporate headquarters in Minnesota. The program includes a large new entrance lobby, a 300-person gathering hall, a conference center, a media area, a coffee shop, a collaborative workspace and a six-acre garden with a new roadway. The design is direct reaction to the overall site circulation. The plan absorbs the existing condition and tries to understand the personality of the client and building at once. We realized that the way they use the building is not as it was originally designed. All our work is to change the circulation to how it is already used.

The employees walked against the existing grid, and we’re finding a way to align the building with what they’re already doing now. It is a realignment that yields totally new space without so much change.

Here we focus on a new meeting pavilion that reused an existing concrete entrance canopy structure to make a one-room building creating an office building that is in fact entirely open.

Done For / Completed as: Peter Ebner and Friends