Rönnebeck Farm

The design looks to add and subtract from the existing condition.

The whole place covers much more area than the client requires.

The most important part of the program is a new studio space. This we accommodated with the most important architectural change. We lift the gabled roof up to become a flat roof allowing for higher ceilings and light. What was formerly a rather dark and confined hay storage becomes a long and very bright room rather connected to the sky.

This new space manifests itself with only glass on the outside and is whitewashed on the inside leaving the existing feeling of the courtyard intact.

The other interventions are all subtractions. First we cut the roof off of the entrance of the house and replace the front door with glass in order to connect to / through the courtyard. Further, we propose to burn down the barn but put out the fire before it gets to the end. The charred barn with a new roof would become an outdoor patio. In this way we turn an inside space outside very concretely. Now it opens up the whole site to the vast expansive nature.

Brick Studio-

new roof, structure and minor wall reinforcement

new concrete topping slab in brick studio (with heating system imbedded.)

sealing existing upper floor walls, insulate and add new iner gypsum wall layer

new window to the north.

new staircase in brick studio

bridge and glass doors between house and brick studio

new sink upstairs / new sink and wc on lower floor

updated hatch between floors

new heating oven

Wooden barn-

removing siding and cleaning wooden barn

polycarbonate wall, semitransparent

fireplace and BBQ


removing top portion of staircase in front of house, creating balcony.

removing storage space and repairing wall.