Draft Urbanism

In order to confront the strangeness / otherness we need a confined / defined space. We use an alley, buses, part of a bathroom, the space around a bench to create this place of interaction. I.e. butterflies are occupying space formerly bellowing solely to humans.

We bring the idea of sharing the city to forefront of everyone’s mind. (By “everyone” we mean, the businesses there, the shoppers, the homeless, small children, bus riders, civic leaders even.)

We’re proposing that an ‘otherness’ can remind us that we need to see whole picture, together. The people present there are already the most diverse to be found in Denver so we add something else, butterflies. We’re not just placing them there. We rather give them part of the mall in at least two ways, but perhaps in a larger series. They are not something to be observed with fear but rather to be joined with curiosity. And, they cannot be avoided. They do not become an object. They simply share the city with us as the vagabonds do with the businessmen and everyone else.